Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I have been blessed beyond measure with the care of a beautiful little girl named Katie. She's been in our watch care since she was 6 weeks old, she'll turn three in November. Katie's favorite word these days is, "Why?" Why is the response to most any statement I make in response to any question she asks. "Where's Papa?" (that's my husband), I'll answer, "at work" and Katie's response will be, "Why?" I'll go on to tell her that he's working to make money and her response will again be "why?" Finally I'll ask her why she's asking and then she'll answer, "Me don't remember." It makes me laugh but as I think on it, life is much like that. We always want to know why. Seldom are we satisfied with accepting things as they come, we always want a reason. If you'd ask us why we want to know, like Katie, we'd often have to say, "Me don't remember."

Why is it so hard to accept things as purely blessings, or, fate, if you will. I personally don't believe in fate, luck, chance. I believe that things happen by God's perfect plan and design...yes, even the bad things. I believe they're life lessons sent to teach us to have more faith, to trust, and to keep our eyes focused on God. Why is it we think that we should be immune to hard times? Even the most perfect child has that stubborn streak, or, as Katie is doing now, goes through the terrible twos.

I'm thankful God accepts me as I am, allows me to make those mistakes from time to time through which I can grow, and even sends the hard times along the way....the detours and rocky roads. Through those times I grow. I once heard a preacher say that it's in the valleys that we grow, it's in the valleys where we learn to depend upon the Lord.

Someone asked me why my blog is called The Princess Ponders. Well, I am a princess....the daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I do ponder....I wonder why. I ask a lot of questions, some for which there are no answers. I wonder if God gets tired of me asking why like I do with Katie.