Sunday, May 16, 2010

101 Reasons.....

Well there could be 101 reasons why I haven't blogged in over a month but the truth is I simply haven't felt like it. Yes, there's been a lot going to in my life taking up my time, but nothing so pressing that I couldn't have taken a few minutes and shared. I guess the real truth is I didn't have anything I felt was interesting enough to say. So, since the last time we visited:

I had my 1-year post op check and am blessed to be cancer-free.

We have a new addition in our life...Kyle. I started keeping him each day mid-way through April. He's 9 weeks old and such a blessing to our lives. We pray we can be an equal blessing to his parents and are humbled by their faith and trust in us to help raise this little one.

We have another new addition to our family....Bud. He's a 1-year-old German Shepard who is a big lap dog. He's a lot of fun to watch play. He's already knocked Paul down to the ground once playing.

We're doing a tomato plant experiment this year. We have one in a topsy-turvy planter and 3 in different types soil/fertilier/containers. I'll let you know as the season progresses which one yields best. Here's some pictures of the different plants and containers.

My azaleas were especially beautiful this year. I don't know if it's because it was so cold for so long, or if it's simply the year for azaleas. Here's a picture I took just as they reached their peak.

Our AWANA year at church was a success. One of my Puggles learned 35 Bible verses this year. This may not sound like much of an accomplishment until you remember she's only two years old. Two of my Cubbies completed an entire book, that's memorizing 24 Bible verses. One is four and the other five.

We'll soon be starting VBS and I'm looking forward to an exciting time for the kids. They're going to be studying God's Word: The Bible and looking at how we got our Bible, the men and women, such as Tyndale, who gave their very lives so we could have the Word of God for our own.

I guess that pretty much catches everyone up as to what I've been doing in my life lately. Time to get ready and go to church. I pray your lives are so very blessed.


Daughter of the "KING" said...

Glad to see you posting again. Been watching. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to have found you. Glad you can use my rambling thoughts to spark a Sunday School lesson idea. :-)God bless you!