Monday, November 8, 2010


There's something wonderful about fall. The crisp cool air, the bright blue skies, the scent of leaves as they begin to change colors and fall to the ground. Here in Florida fall comes slower than other places. My cousin in Indiana has already had snow, thankfully we seldom see snow in Florida, although we do have some cold nights and see frost regularly. We had our first frost on Sunday and it officially began the fall season for me.

Today I had to visit the dentist again, visit number four out of the nine I need. He filled two teeth, deep fillings. Why I mentioned this is because I have a problem with dentists, they bring on anxiety attacks. Anyway, I've been doing all these visits on faith, claiming God's promise that he will keep me in perfect peace. So today, I was having a little problem and I changed the station on the walkman they'd given me so I didn't have to hear the drill. The Joy FM popped up and playing was Casting Crowns Voice of Truth. My faith was immediately restored and the tears began flowing as it was a message from God that He is keeping His promise. I know that Dr. Parent didn't understand the tears, but for me that song was a precious gift, a reminder that I am a daughter of the King of Kings, a child of God, a Princess.

I'm off to church for finance committee meeting, gotta love it. Hope you have a wonderful fall evening, enjoy the precious gifts from God.

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