Sunday, October 19, 2008

Childhood Treasures

Yes, this is me! Well, okay, it was a long time ago.

Too many years came and went before I figured out that I treasured the wonderful things I had growing up. Unfortunately, too many of them had long been lost. It's really a shame someone didn't warn me, as a child, that I would want those dolls and toys when I reached middle age. I might have taken better care of them.

Slowly and steadily I have been rebuilding my collection of dolls and precious toys. This doll, however, continues to elude me. I've hunted and searched through EBay, doll sites and books, trying to find what kind of doll this is. I've written to experts and even paid one expert to look at my photo and tell me. Her best guess was a Sears "Happi-Time Playmate. Nobody seems to know anything about them or have one for sale. I keep hoping that one day I'll run across someone who has my doll for sale.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I know what you mean! I feel the same way about childhood toys. The sad thing for me is that there are only a handful that I actually remember, other than a bike and the bigger stuff. I rememebr some of my dolls too.
I don't have a clue about your doll in the picture, but you were also a little doll! Very cute photo!
I hope that you find her someday.