Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recipe Wednesday

It's that time once again! It's hard to think about sharing a recipe when you have no appetite for food. I'm still recovering from surgery and food is about the last thing on my radar these days.

I thought I'd share my great-grandmother's recipe for apple cake. It's easy to make and really delicious.

4 cups peeled and diced apples (I like to use Granny Smith apples although any will do)
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup salad oil
1 cup chopped nuts (pecans is best)
2 eggs, well beaten
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups flour (all purpose)
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon salt

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix apples and sugar thoroughly. Add oil, nuts, eggs and vanilla. Mix dry ingredients together and add to apple mixture. Bake in a greased 13x9 inch pan for 1 hour

Caramel Glaze topping

in sauce pan mix together 1 cup milnot (or other canned milk) 1/2 stick butter, 1 tsp vanilla and 1/2 cup brown sugar.

Stir until thoroughly mixed, bring to a rolling boil and boil, stirring constantly, for exactly three minutes. Place pan in ice water and stir until thickened. Pour over still warm cake.

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