Friday, May 29, 2009

Whatever happened to real femininity?

We were watching some very old home movies the other day. When my MIL passed away they found some old 8mm movies and put them on DVD for us to watch. They started back in the 1950's and it was a joy to see the ladies in their white gloves, hats and summer dresses. I wish we still wore pretty hats and white gloves. I looked today, out of curiosity, on the internet, just to see if I could even FIND white dress gloves anywhere. All I could find were leather gloves, golf gloves, tuxedo gloves...but no pretty white dress gloves. Hats, surprisingly I think hats are starting to see a revival! I visited a sweet gift shop in a nearby town and they were selling the most beautiful hats. When I asked about them the proprietor told me that many women are once again buying and wearing hats! I was happy to hear that and plan on going back one day when I have a lot of time to try on a few of her over 200 hat offerings.

I do have one pretty hat in my closet....maybe I'll wear it on Sunday.

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