Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My Daddy is a giant of a man. Not necessarily his height, he's only 6'2" but to me he is a giant. I can't say my daddy ever did anything that will be mentioned in the history books, although he will be someone I never forget. He never made a fortune, but we always had what we needed. So why is my Daddy a giant? Because of his faith in God. He taught me that faith. I am so very blessed to have a Daddy who is a Christian, who loves God with all his heart.
My Daddy has always worked hard. We grew all our vegetables and after Daddy would come home from working 8 or 10 hours, out to the garden he'd go: tilling the ground, hoeing the weeds, watering. He'd do whatever needed to be done. At 78 you will still find him on the tractor, hoeing the garden, fixing something....always busy. I can recall as a child, telling my mother (when my Chatty Cathy doll was broken), "When Daddy gets home, he'll fix it. He can fix anything!" He fixed her. She had a screw in her hip for the rest of her life, but he didn't let me down.
Daddy is a gentle man, but you always knew his word was law. I can only remember Daddy giving me two spankings in my lifetime. Those two were enough.
Today is the day we stop and remember our fathers, we bless our fathers, we say thank you to our fathers. Thank you, Daddy, for being the World's BEST Father! I love you very much.

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