Saturday, July 11, 2009

Surf City

I love the beach! There's just something about standing on the beach with the ocean waves splashing up over your feet and ankles, of looking out and seeing nothing but water, endless blue water than touches the sky. The power in the ocean, the depths, the's almost like touching God. For me there's great spirituality in the ocean, I feel very close to God there. It's also where a bit of the child in me comes back to the surface. It's where you can play in the waves and squeal...act silly.

We recently vacationed at the Hammock Ocean Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida. It is posh luxury, literally. They pamper their guests like kings and queens. I enjoyed every moment of the trip, and was thrilled when I was able to spend my time on the beach.

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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

You described it beautifully, Judy!
I have not been to the beach in a long time. I'm ready! The scenery alone is worth the trip, even if you never venture into the water. There is something so relaxing and tranquil about the moving water and the constant light breezes.