Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There's a chorus we sing at church, "Give Thanks with a grateful heart" and I'm pondering today if we really understand what it is to have a grateful heart. Too many times we think things are supposed to be this way or that way, we don't understand why God allows problems and trials into our lives and we spend entirely too much time looking on the dark side instead of seeing the things we have been blessed with. Scripture teaches us to be content and to be thankful.

There's a sign on the church down the road, I noticed this morning it asked the question, "Have you told God 'Thank you' today?"

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving and sometimes I think we forget, in the hustle and bustle of fixing a turkey and the trimmings, or having family and friends around, in the noise of the football games and the chatter of the children to stop for a moment and think about the things for which we are truly blessed.

As for me, this year I have been most especially blessed. My cancer surgery was successful and I was blessed with a stage 1 grade 1A cancer. God brought me successfully through the surgery and recovery. I am blessed with a wonderful family, dear friends, precious grandchildren, a husband who loves me beyond what I ever hoped or dreamed, parents who are still in good health, a home we love, and so many more things. But most of all I am blessed because I know my Redeemer liveth and on the Earth again shall stand. I know the life He giveth and grace and power are in His hand.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed.

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