Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I just realized there's only 37 days until Christmas and I am definitely NOT ready this year. By this time I've usually got my shopping well in hand, I've barely begun this year. I seem to be moving slower in general this year. I suppose my cancer surgery changed my view of what is most important in life. I'm thinking that I may just do AMEX Gift Cards this year for all but the littlest ones.
I did get my kitchen and laundry room floors installed. They look wonderful. The new vinyl flooring is fabulous, looks and feels just like real wood. All I have to do is a quick sweep and mop with a Swiffer. I like that!
Everybody keeps talking about decorating for Christmas....ugh. I don't even want to think about dragging all that stuff out until after Thanksgiving. We're expecting 14 for dinner on Thanksgiving Day, I don't want to have to focus on anything but that for right now. I'm doing a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, it'll be only the second in our home since I moved to Florida. We always spent Thanksgiving with my husband's mother, but she passed away this past Spring and is sorely missed. I decided this year I'd do dinner here at home. I may have made an error!!! LOL

It's sometimes hard to think about it being time for Christmas and Thanksgiving when you're still wearing shorts and it's 80 degrees each day. Maybe I need to start playing some Christmas Carols to get in the mood...."It's beginning to look a lot like"....nope that's not doing it.

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