Thursday, February 18, 2010


Let me say my house is cleaner, and more organized than I thought possible, and I thought I was already organized!

I have already reached my 365 item decluttering goal, and have cleaned my spice cabinet and pantry of all outdated food. I have cleaned out my jewelry box of all jewelry I no longer wear, cleaned out my clothes closet and the office supply closet in my office/spare bedroom. I cleaned off my bookcases and have donated all appropriate books to our church library PLUS I sold my entire Emilie Loring book collection on ebay (netting a nice $50 profit.) We sold our Chevy Blazer, I cleaned out the buffet in my dining room and got rid of all the extra vases (who needs 10 vases?) 3 dozen votive candles and a dozen taper candles. We donated an extra computer to the gal who cleans house for me, she's returning to school to become a phlebotomist and donated a second extra computer to a local Christian school who was in desperate need of one since theirs bit the dust. Lest you think we are computer poor now, we still have three (2 desktops and a laptop) so no one will have internet withdrawal. We've also decluttered an extra printer, 2 monitors, and a half gross of pencils.

I still need to work on my husband's closet, but this has to be done when he is not home as he doesn't understand why I need to throw out t-shirts with holes in them or socks that no longer stay up. Me, I will never understand why men think it's perfectly all right to wear clothes a rag-picker's son should not wear. I also need to clean out my shoes and my off-season clothing closet. I also need to clean my kitchen cabinets and see which items I can do without. Lastly, I will clean my music cabinet. I probably won't discard any of is something you never know when someone will ask, "do you have the music for ?" and I can say, YES, I do! As a musician who has to prepare 2 preludes and 2 offertories per week I need a wide variety of music. I will organize it better and clean up that area so it is out of sight instead of on a shelf. I'd love to have an antique music cabinet, unfortunately those I've seen are way out of my budget.

How are you doing on your decluttering challenge?

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Rachel said...

Congrats on reaching your goal already!! That's amazing!! And I too love making money from our unwanted stuff!!

My husband is quite reluctant to cleaning out the closet too! His everyday clothes are okay but he insists on keeping "work clothes"! He has like 7 pair of pants & 14 shirts and NEVER wears them in the winter & will wear one shirt/one pair of pants a week in the summer doing yardwork!! I suppose since he grew up on a farm to him work clothes are a necessity but they sure take up space & are unnecessary for our lifestyle!!