Tuesday, February 2, 2010


There's a song June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash used to sing years ago by this title and as I was sitting here thinking about what to write today the song popped into my head. Not because of the lyrics of the song but because of the title and what I've had on my heart recently....wasting time.
One of my goals for this year was to spend less time wasting time..doing things that don't truly matter. One of the things I have discovered that wastes a lot of my time is playing silly games on Facebook. FarmTown, CountryLife, Island Paradise and others aren't harmful, in and of themselves, but they are thieves of time. I could use that time in other ways.
With that in mind I've decided to stop playing them for a trial period of three months and see how I do with my time. Will I use it elsewhere contructively or will I find another way to spend that time in another wasteful way?
Today, I used some of that game time beginning my annual decluttering. I worked on my side of the bedroom closet, the bathroom closet and cabinets and the buffet in the dining room. I will admit, I didn't toss out too many things but I did straighten, reorganize and tossed things like old sheets, and repurposed some other things (like unused hand towels from DH's bathroom that he never uses).
Tomorrow I plan on decluttering the laundry room cabinets and closet and the closet in my bathroom. I also need to make a trip to Sam's Club for the church....maybe tomorrow...we'll see.

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