Saturday, January 29, 2011


The new year has brought with it a few corneal keratitis...which means I can not wear my contact lenses for at least two months and my vision has been blurred like peering through frosted glass, but it's also brought a blessing with it. My computer time has been quite limited and so I've needed to find other things with which to fill my spare moments. ORGANIZATION! I'm a neat-freak anyway, but now I have the time to spend doing all the little organizational things I've always wished I could do.

I went to Office Depot and purchased several plastic storage boxes. Why plastic, you may ask. Because here in Florida we deal with bugs, humidity and rain aplenty (most of the time, if we're not in a drought like last summer) so any storage boxes must be air and water tight, hence the plastic. I'm storing away old tax records (when you own a business, even a small one, the paper work you must save is horrid.) I'm also going through old photographs and sorting them into three to save and scrapbook, and one each to send to my two sons. I'm also sorting through old greeting cards and only keeping those I wish to add to a scrapbook. The or garbage.

I must admit, I am not a Oprah fan, however there is program on her new network called Enough Already. It's made me have a new appreciation for organizing and, while I am no where near a hoarder, how we all keep things we do not need nor even particularly want. We keep things for sentimental or other reasons. We all have closets we can't open, cabinets that are bulging with stuff, yet we continually buy more and don't use what we have already.

Last year I took a 365 challenge...get rid of one item per day for an entire year. I accomplished it in less than a month and STILL have more than enough stuff to do it once a month for a year. So this year, I'm challenging you to declutter and destuff your home. If you haven't used it, needed it, wanted it, looked at it, worn get the idea...this past year put it in a box and give it away. Yard Sale, Goodwill, Salvation decide. Donate books you've read to your local Friends of the Library or good Christian books to your church library. Jewelry and perfumes or colognes you don't like can go to your local nursing home. Blankets and comforters, sheets, pillows and the like can go to your local shelter. Good used professional clothing can go to shelters and organizations for abused women.

Anyone else have any ideas with what we can do with STUFF???

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