Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dressed for fall

Although it's still hot and humid here in Florida my calendar says September and for this northern transplant my mind says it's time for fall! Fall is my favorite time of year, there's nothing like the warm days and crisp, cool nights or the ever changing colors of the leaves. Fall has its own unique smells as well, ones I now have to try to recreate using candles as Florida doesn't have the same seasons. Here we have two seasons...summer and not summer. Our leaves don't change colors, they just fall off the tree and die, those that actually lose their leaves anyway.
This year we're taking a trip north, and this year I'm hoping that the leaves are turning colors (I've been told they've already begun changing), that the sky is the unique blue only found in fall, and that the nights are "need a sweater" crisp.
As for me, I've put away all my summer decorations and have brought out the oranges, yellows, browns and blacks of fall. My home feels warm and cozy, as if we're beginning to wind down the seasons and prepare for winter.
Did you know it's only 109 days until Christmas? Have you started your shopping yet?

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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I am so ready too! I was hoping to see some pics of your decor. I haven't started decorating just yet. I think I will wait util closer to the end of the month.

Have a great week!