Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Week from H E Double Toothpicks

If there ever were one, this week was it! It started on Sunday when my wonderful, 1 year-old computer decided to up and quit. No notice, no flickering, just POOF and it was gone. It was exactly two weeks out of warranty so HP didn't even want to discuss it. Note to all who are thinking of buying a new computer...DO NOT purchase the HP slimline computer. Not enough air gets in and it will fry the motherboard. That's what happened to mine. Sooooooo needless to say I had to buy a new one and panicking all the way that they would not be able to retrieve all my old data. Thankfully we were directed to a FANTASTIC computer guy in a neighboring town who builds computers and he not only retrieved my old data but took my old drive (which was working great still) and added it as a secondary drive where I could access anything I wanted from my old computer. Praise God!

Then on Wednesday, I was cleaning out the pantry and found three bottles of water. I figured we'd drink them if they were cold so I stuck them in the door of the fridge and when I went to stand up...POP! I pulled my lower back out! AGONY!!!!! I could barely walk, sitting hurt, standing hurt, lying down hurt and I couldn't get a massage until the next day!

Thursday dawned with pain and anxiousness as I was finally getting my newly built computer and thankfulness that my massage was only a couple of hours a way and I could get some relief, hopefully. My sweet husband drove the two hours to pick up my computer (one hour each way) and brought it in. We hooked it up and GASP! They hadn't installed the programs they were supposed to and installed some I didn't want. I called and joyfully the guy was coming to Gainesville and offered to make...wait for it...a HOUSECALL! Who does that anymore? I went on to my massage, happy my computer would be accessible in the afternoon.'d think my worries would be over but no...some program I installed wiped out my CD/DVD and now what to do? So, I put in a call to great Mr PC...they know me by name now ...and he generously walked me through the process over the phone. VOILA!

I still had a few kinks to work how to get my hundreds of favorite places back (I worked that one out this morning...copy and paste!) and get my last few programs installed now that my CD/DVD drive is working again. My useage is through the roof, but I think I'm finally back in business.

Ha Ha Satan, you sent me a really bad week, but with GOD all things are possible and I am an overcomer! So pfffffffffffffft!


Daughter of the "KING" said...

glad that all has worked out. Remain praying for your sore back.

Maria said...

Glad it's getting better.
Take that satan!!
As the old song goes,
"devil, get under my feet, get under my feet"