Friday, January 1, 2010

WELCOME 2010!!

As I sit here in the still darkened early morning hours of the first day of this new year, of the first year of a new decade, I ponder over the last year, reviewing the ups and downs, goods and bads, positives and negatives and as I focus on the year ahead I begin to think of things I would like to change, things that need improvement, things that need to be eliminated from my life and things that need more focus in my life.
Let me state, upfront, I don't like New Year's "resolutions". I find that they're generally self-focused and usually don't last more than a few days because people don't begin looking in the right directions. We need to begin by looking up and asking God how we can do more to serve Him, how we can grow more in our walk with Him and how we can be a better picture of Him to the world in which we live. We need to look and see how we can be a better example to our families, especially our children and grandchildren and how we can be an example to those within our sphere of influence.

I'll start with elimination....I am backing away from spending so much of my time on this computer. That includes games on Facebook and other type games, message boards and email loops that cause me entirely too much stress, and shopping for entertainment at the blogs and sites of others. I'm also reducing the collections and clutter in my home. Knick-knacks and tchotckes are cute and all, but they're also another thing I have to dust or find a home for. (Note here to my friends...if you've given me something and the next time you come to visit it's no longer sitting on a shelf, please don't take it personally, it doesn't mean I no longer love you). I'm also reducing my book collection. Books are meant to be read and enjoyed, not collecting dust sitting on a shelf. Most of my book collection will be donated to our brand new church library. That way if I desire to re-read one I can check it out!

I scanned over my list of goals for last year and realize they're things I can still work on in 2010.
1. To grow closer to God through dedication to Bible Study and prayer each day.
2. To begin keeping a prayer journal once again
3. To become a more dedicated prayer warrior
4. To study my Bible, in depth, rather than simply reading it. To make it come alive by studying it in the context of history and truth, to make the scriptures and people come alive.
5. To share the gospel of Christ, with at least one person, each week
6. To be a blessing to someone each day
7. To continue building a stronger relationship with my sister
8. To become a gentler, kinder person through the Grace of God
9 To use handwritten cards and letters as an encouragement to those who are ill or need other uplifting
10. To keep my mind focused on Christ and to be more aware of His presences in my life as I choose activities, books to read, television programs and movies to watch and music to listen to.
11. To be more pleasing to God in my everyday activities
12. To let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart by acceptable to the Heavenly Father.

In addition I would like to work harder to make my body an acceptable Temple for the Holy Spirit by not only strengthening it spiritually but also make it a better physical that includes the eat less, exercise more typical "resolutions" but this year I plan on doing it one day at a time instead of setting a specific goal and trying to reach it...small victories.

More than anything else I want to be like the children's song, "This Little Light of Mine" and I want my light to shine, shine, shine for the Heavenly Father.

May your New Year be the most wonderful year!
Blessings be upon your house in 2010.

Philippians 4:13

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