Monday, December 15, 2008

She ate, and other topics

Punkin finally ate something! I can't tell you how relieved I am that she finally ate. She also slept in our bed all night last night, never moved a muscle. I think she's finally settling in.

I was working this morning, Monday is my busy office day, and when DH got home from work I asked him to take out some boxes to the trash for me. A few minutes later in he walks with one of the boxes telling me I needed to go through it, there was some "good stuff" in there. I couldn't imagine what had fallen in the box, but when I looked there was a brand new HP laptop computer! It is my Christmas gift, something I've wanted for quite some time. It was such a surprise as we both have perfectly good desktop computers, but this is one I can even watch television on if the need arises.

We are never worried about giving on the particular day, I already gave him his gift also..a Garmin GPS system.. I told him he should never get lost again. For us it's the giving, not the day.

Many thanks to Deb at Pioneers and Pilgrims. I received my prize today...absolutely fabulous smelling tarts...5 of them! I can't wait to use's deciding which one to start with that will be hard!

I'm looking for a round penny rug for my dining room table. I want one I can use year-round, not just during the holiday season. If anyone knows a great place to purchase penny rugs that won't break your pocketbook leave me a message.

I received my package from Janeen at Primitive Lifestyle. I'd seen on her blog awhile back she'd done a craft show and hadn't sold much. She showed a couple of her items and I fell in love with them. She is so talented and creative and it's a real pleasure to have her beautiful items in my home. I hope she gets some new things listed on Ebay soon. Valentines Day will be here before we know it. I may have to try her "beer butt" chicken one day soon, it looks yummy.

Time to get back to work for me...I've played on this thing long enough. I hope your day is truly wonderful.


Janene said...

Judy~ Opps! I appreciate the shout out...but I didn't send you anything...You must have me confused with another blogger.
But that is my "beer butt chicken" recipe and it is delicious!
I'm sure you will love your laptop...I know I love mine...the portability is wonderful!
If you figure out who sent the items to you, let me know.
Have a warm night!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I am so happy to hear that Punkin ate something and slept with you.

And congrats on your prize. I didn't know you won a give away! That's awesome!

And congrats on your new laptop!