Sunday, December 14, 2008

She has a name! and other topics

After much deliberation and trying on different names we've decided to call our new doggie, Punkin'. We are a little worried about our Punkin, however. She's not eaten anything, except a few bites of cheese that first night, in the entire four days we've had her. She is drinking water, finally, after we switched her water to bottled water. She's finally decided to come out of her cage. She discovered that when she lays on the couch she can see everything that's going on. And, we're working on the house-breaking, but that is going verrrrrrrry slowly with almost no progress. Thankfully my sweet husband is very good about cleaning up her messes when he finds them, so it's a shared thing.

We had a lovely day yesterday, my husband and I went to my AVON Christmas party. It was so much fun. The food was great, I found someone who makes greens better than I do, and I came home loaded down with all sorts of prizes, as well as the top cash prize of $20.00. I enjoy selling AVON, I meet so many nice people that way, and where else could you start your own business for $10?

Today is a busy day for us. Church services, morning and evening, plus we have a funeral to attend this afternoon. For some reason funerals always seem sadder around the holidays and this one is no exception. A young family man, 39 years old, was killed this week in a one-car accident, leaving behind a wife and 2 young children. If you think of it around 2PM this afternoon, whisper a prayer for the Davis family.

I pray your Lord's Day is blessed whether you're attending church services or enjoying family time together. Seeya tomorrow!


Janene said...

Awww Judy~I hope that she comes around soon. She is such a sweetie!
Gook luck with her and keep us posted....I always hated the house breaking part!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Judy, it is precisely 2:00pm! So I stopped to say a prayer for the Davis family.
About Punkin, I hope the road isn't as long as it seems. It takes a very special person to adopt such an abused little dog! Surely the light is going to come on in her heart and she will realize that you are trying to help her.
Have a great day!