Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goals for 2009

Each New Year's Eve I sit down and think about the upcoming year, feeling a sense of loss, but also of excitement and anticipation at the chance of a "clean slate" as the clock strikes midnight. As I think about they typical resolutions people make of "lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, etc.," ones folks only keep for day or two at most, I realize they're not worth wasting the ink writing them down. But then I think about what the Heavenly Father would like to see changed in my life. It's a bit funny, I've done this every year since 2005 and almost all of them stay the same. It's not so much that I haven't worked on them during the year, I simply don't think I've "arrived" at where I should be.
So, here's what I'd like to work more on during 2009.

1. To grow closer to God through a more dedicated study of scripture each day, not just reading it but deeply studying it in the context of history and truth, to make the scriptures and the people come alive.

2. To spend real time each day in prayer and conversation with God. To keep a prayer journal and record in it the answers to prayer and what I hear God saying to me. To become a dedicated prayer warrior and when I tell people I will pray for them, earnestly pray for them until they tell me the prayer has been answered.

3. To share the Gospel of Jesus each and every day with at least one person.

4. To be a blessing to someone each day

5. To build a stronger relationship with my sister.

6. To become a gentler person through the Grace of God.

7. To work more on writing letters and to sending cards and letters to those who I know are ill, need encouragement or other uplifting.

8. To keep my mind focused on Christ and to be more aware of His presence in my life as I read books, watch television and movies, and to try and be more pleasing in my daily activities.

9. To be less judgemental, critical, and complaining. To not feel negative towards those who are.

10. To be more patient and kind with others. To remember that not everyone is a picky, type A personality who sees the answer as soon as the problem is presented, to remember that some people need to work through things and read the directions. To be more thankful for the help I receive rather than criticizing those who help for not doing things the "right way", which means my way.

11. To get to know my granddaughters more, through telephone calls, letters, cards, videos and whatever means I can use to bridge the 1200 mile gap.

12. To let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to the Heavenly Father.

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